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Where Are They Now?

Reba is a sweetheart mare that we have adopted out. She is shown here with her new owners, Joe and Pat. Reba is adjusting well to her hew home.

Lily, romping with her daughter "Atti", found a wonderful home in New Hampshire. Atti is available for adoption.

rioRio is living in Rhode Island and is happy as a trail horse and a close "companion" to his "human" friend.

shilohShiloh has been adopted by his "foster" mom and remains in Rhode Island in a very loving home.

Snowflake has a loving home with a teenage girl living in the beautiful plains of Colorado surrounded by a forest of lovely pine trees. We're waiting for updated photos of them.

cutieblazeCutie and Blaze, two half - Kiger mustang mares have moved to the mountains of Colorado during the summer, doing trail rides and live in Texas in the winter. We wish them the very best!

hopeLady's Foxy Gold aka "Hope" came to our organization as a very thin, 17 mo filly. Almost immediately she was adopted by Lynn Harrington of Denmark, Maine, and here they are - "forever". We wish them loads of luck over the coming years and want to take this opportunity to thank Marge Mullen for the roles that she played in this little girl's future.

Update: Hope takes great delight in following the snow mobiles as they venture out of the trees down the road and watches until they are out of sight - then turns back from whence they came and watches for the next ones to arrive. She is lucky to have a new, wonderful world to explore!

alfiehossAlfie and Hoss both went to the same "forever" home and are now being very much loved by a family and giving horse rides to young children during holiday events.

Hot Shot is a 2004 Saddlebred colt that Horses Forever purchased from an auction - shown with his new owner, Kathy. Shortly after Kathy adopted him, he broke his pastern in a freak accident. Applause to his new mom for her wonderful nursing care while he was recovering from surgery to repair the break! He has recovered beautfully!

Moon is a sweetheart mare that we have adopted out. She is shown here with her caretaker Mark at her foster home. Moon is now living in a wonderful big pasture with lots of pasture mates and her owner is a dedicated, teenage girl – we're anxiously awaiting photos!

Grace moved to the mountains, Cripple Creek area, with her adopter, and found games to play and lovely, high country, flower-ridden pastures in which to reside. (Grace was once a CSU Repro mare.)